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  1. To create a world where human beings realizing their divine destiny as servitors of the Earth – love, serve and protect all living and non-living beings on our planet and on other planets.

  2. To create a world where all members of our Eco-Family live in prosperity and harmony, free from all forms of exploitation and cruelty.

  3. To enshrine the right to life of animals and plants in the constitution of all nations and in the hearts of one and all.





  1. To rescue animals and plants from cruelty and enable them to lead out their natural lives in freedom and dignity.

  2. To walk together on the path of enlightenment through service.

  3. To create centers of caring where humans, animals and plants will live together in harmony and cooperation under the loving care of the Supreme Consciousness.

  4. To create a new society based on a decentralized economy and balanced growth of humans, plants and animals

Aims & Objectives

  1. To prevent cruelty to animals and birds.

  2. To protect rare and dying species of animals and birds from extinction.

  3. To prevent cruelty to plants and trees and to protect rare and dying species of plants and trees from extinction.

  4. To prevent deforestation and create and maintain ecological balance in relation to environments.

  5. To create a sentiment of love for animals, birds and plants by popularizing their usefulness to humans beings, society and the environment.

  6. To popularizing the vegetarian menu and thus save the lives of innocent animals and birds.

  7. To provide food to animals and to provide sanctuaries and medical help to ailing and sick animals and birds.

  8. To promote forest based products and industries for the economic up-liftment of the poor, tribal and forest people.

  9. To construct and maintain sanctuaries, aviaries, ponds wells, pastures, gardens and forests for the welfare of human beings, animals, birds and plants.

  10. To promote and develop afforestation in order to convert dry and barren lands into fertile and cultivatable ones.

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