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When we take a look around us what do we find? We find the places we played as happy children with shady trees, charming squirrels, melodious birds – they are gone. Some feel sad and depressed about this. But we cannot afford to do this. As long as we are truthful we are bound to be hopeful. As long as we are hopeful we have to speak out. We have to act to express our love and to prevent cruelty. Preventing cruelty is the sign of our humanity – it shows that we are alive when we rescue other beings, other species so they can live and thrive. There is so much beauty in a forest, so much charm in every bird and so much wonder in the eyes of any animal.

The PCAP (Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals And Plants) movement was formed to unite all of us to serve and to protect our greater family of the entire creation. Today this movement is small and is facing a crisis of omnicide as so many innocent species are being wiped out. But it is the pioneers with big hearts who can save our animal and plant relatives from cruelty against all the odds.  You and I may be ordinary people, but together we can do something extraordinary to rescue our ecological family.

This is why the watchword of a PCAP Pioneer is

“On Guard, for OUR Family.”

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